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Employment opportunities

Research Fellows - Part-time -volunteer

Following requests by SNAP’s membership for assistance with desk research on areas relevant to their work on addressing statelessness, in March 2017 SNAP’s Secretariat established SNAP's Research Fellowship programme whereby volunteer Research Fellows provide research support to SNAP’s members.  

Referral of research projects to Research Fellows

On a rolling basis, SNAP’s Coordinator contacts SNAP's Research Fellows and inquires as to their availability to assist with specific research projects.   

Research Fellows receive a brief on the research topic, the time frames involved and the contact details of the SNAP member/s that the Research Fellow is assisting.  


Research Fellows must:

-          commit to volunteering with SNAP for at least 6 months,

-          be available to complete at least 10 hours of research per month,

-          complete accurate and thorough research, and

-          complete at least two research projects with SNAP within the first 6 months of their employment with SNAP.

Research Fellows complete work for SNAP remotely and must have an active email address which they access regularly to communicate with SNAP’s Coordinator and SNAP’s members.  Research Fellows receive written feedback from SNAP’s Coordinator and the relevant SNAP member/s following submission of each research project.

Research Fellows must hold an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline, and have demonstrated excellent writing and research skills.

Candidates are invited send a cover letter outlining how their qualifications and experience meet the requirements for the position, and their CV, to snap@statelessnessnetworkasiapacific.org.


While SNAP is evolving, there is no specific criteria for membership except that members are civil society actors.  Civil society actors include: non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, faith-based organisations, academic institutions, law firms, and individuals (including stateless persons, formerly stateless persons, persons at risk of statelessness and other experts).

Civil society actors wishing to join SNAP are invited to complete the below form

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